What are the different Logics?

There are logic rules in place which prevent you from being locked out of progression and guaranteeing that you’ll be able to finish the game every time regardless of the distribution of items. The different game modes use different logic and assume different levels of game knowledge and ability.

No Glitches

This mode requires no advanced knowledge about the game. It’s designed as if you were playing the original game for the first time.

The logic will prevent you from getting stuck anywhere regardless of how you use small keys within dungeons. However you may be required to Save and Quit in certain situations.

Overworld Glitches

This mode accounts for some of the easier to execute Overworld glitches in order to randomize items more thoroughly. Two types of major glitch are required:

  • Overworld clipping with boots
  • Mirror clipping (DMD, TR Middle Clip and Fluteless Mire)

All minor glitches are also accounted for:

  • Fake Flippers (allows access to Ice Palace, King Zora, Lake Hylia HP and the Hobo without Flippers)
  • Dungeon Bunny Revival (allows access to Ice Palace without the Moon Pearl)
  • Overworld Bunny Revival (allows access to Misery Mire and the nearby two chests without the Moon Pearl and without doing DMD)
  • Super Bunny (allows access to two chests in Dark World Death Mountain without the Moon Pearl)
  • Surfing Bunny (allows access to Lake Hylia HP without the Moon Pearl)
  • Walk On Water (allows access to Zora's Domain Ledge without Flippers)

Notably, no Overworld clips requiring buffers are required. No mirror screenwraps, overworld YBAs or underworld clips are required either.

  • Boots are randomized but the logic accounts for them where clips are necessary
  • Dark room navigation is never forced
  • Key logic remains softlock-proof

See SuperSKUJ's tutorial video for more information:

Major Glitches

This mode accounts for everything besides EG and semi-EG which are two extremely powerful glitches allowing you to walk through floors or under walls… and even reach the Triforce in under 2 minutes! This mode is very difficult and may require advanced knowledge of major glitches.

  • Overworld YBA
  • Clipping out of bounds
  • Screenwraps

These techniques allow you reach a multitude of locations with very few items. To learn more please see this guide

In addition some of the changes listed in the above section have been removed to allow this version to work correctly.

  • The fake dark world is no longer patched out and crystals always drop irrespective of pendant conflicts
  • Swamp Palace water levels do not drain when you exit the overworld screen (except for the first room)
  • You will always s+q to the Pyramid after defeating Agahnim when in the Dark World