What are the different Variations?

Variations are new ways to play the game we already know and love.

Timed Race

In this mode the timer is counting up, and the person with the best time wins the game irrelevent of who beats Ganon first.

Do you spend some time looking for a clock to adjust your timer down? Or just race to the end?

This mode has:

  • Start with 0 minutes on the timer
  • 20 Green clocks that subtract 4 minutes from your timer
  • 10 Blue clocks that subtract 2 minutes to your timer
  • 10 Red clocks that add 2 minutes to your timer

Timed OHKO (one hit knock out)

In this mode you start with an amount of time on the timer, every clock you find will add time to your total time. But if you let the timer reach 0, then you'll be in OHKO mode.

Don't despair though, if you are in OHKO mode and find another clock (no matter how long you have been in OHKO), you get the time of the clock added to your timer.

Difficulty Starting Time Green Clocks (+4 minutes) Red Clocks (insta-OHKO)
Easy 20 minutes 30 0
Normal 10 minutes 25 0
Hard 5 minutes 20 0
Expert 5 minutes 20 5

OHKO (one hit knock out)

Same game as normal, but take any damage and Link is a goner.

Triforce Hunt

Ganon has broken up the triforce into a bunch of pieces, have fun finding them all. The game ends when you collect enough of them.

Difficulty Required Total
Easy 10 30
Normal 20 30
Hard 30 40
Expert 40 40


Game not random enough for you? Looking for the real challenge?


All Maps, Compasses, and Keys found in chests are no longer tied to their dungeons!

You will have to search high and low to find the keys you need to progress in dungeons. Keys found on enemies or under pots will remain the same.

Also we wanted to make Maps and Compasses worth more, so here it is: Your overworld map wont show any dungeon information until you collect the map for that dungeon (and if you thought the music would get you by, think again, that's been randomized). Compasses, well those will show you how many chests you have checked in a dungeon after you collect it.

You're probably wondering how you know which Key/Map/Compass you found? We got you covered, there will be a text box that lets you know which dungeon it belongs to, but also the menu will have a table to help you if you don't like paying attention to those text boxes.